About Us

As a startup, our first goal was to identify your customers, track their behavior, and understand why they choose one stylist or salon vs. another. Where are they finding you? How are they talking about you? What captures their attention? Are some of the advertised methods of success really working or is just a fad?

Our team consists of highly results oriented people. Our entire philosophy revolves around the thought that if we can help our customers become successful, so will we. The days of selling a product by showcasing it’s shiny features are over. To be consistent, an organization must truly have a genuine interest in their clients, and must constantly be looking for ways to better their success. You can sell to a customer and have little success, or you can add value to a customers business and obtain long term success. We’re in it for the long haul.

One thing is clear, there is a large age gap between most business owners, and the up and coming consumer. Those that have been in business for many years know that there’s a new generation of consumers coming through their doors. They know there are marketing tools out there, but they have no idea where to start. With everyone using a flurry of computer and web terminology like SEO, PPC and etc… it’s no wonder why a business owner throws their hands up in confusion and gives up. In the mix of this confusion, unfortunately there are companies and individuals seeking out to take advantage of the situation. It results in a business owner investing their hard earned money into things that have little to no impact on their bottom line.

An important part of our process is to make sure that everything is associated with your investment is transparent. We’ll be clear with you from day one as far as where your money is and how it’s being spent. We won’t offer you products you don’t need but will also tell you things that you need to hear. If we can help you grow your business, we know that it’ll increase the chances of you being our partner for life.


Our Vision and Values

Our goal is to always be an affordable solution for small businesses across America. In a world where large corporations are battling for more and more business at the top; we noticed a lack of attention being paid to everyday small business owners who are actually running America. Big advertising campaigns are financially out of their reach, and grassroots marketing efforts are too time consuming. That’s why the idea of working with small businesses was so compelling for us. It’s an area with a lot of opportunity and little attention being paid to it in some cases.

We will commit to offering our customers only services they need; and we will always stay away from suggesting the flavor of the day. Our goal is to have clients that see value, and success using our systems and as a result become customers for life. The bar will be set high and exceeding expectations will never be an after thought.