With Instagram continuing to grow in popularity, I thought it would be wise to share some of the best ways I’ve seen hair stylists find success in using it. Is it possible to actually get new hair clients in your chair through Instagram? Absolutely. The hair industry revolves around beautiful images, so it’s only natural to have success in

We’re living in an interesting era where each person has the ability to have more control of their future than ever before. Starting a business has never been easier (although still not a walk in the park), and resources to learn have never been so accessible. As a hair stylist in today’s economy, each of

You’ve had a website up for months now but no one ever talks about it. You tried searching for hair salons in your local area and your site won’t even show up. What is going on you think. What are these other sites doing that I haven’t? How are other hair salons constantly getting business online and

We already know that many of your customers are on social media platforms, so I’m not going to spend time jumping into the stats and numbers of how much time someone spends on Facebook every day. I am however, shocked to see that there are still many hair stylists and hair salon owners who doubt

The Results are In! Sher Part Two It’s been a little over a month since our last blog which was about marketing one of our hair stylists online. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you go and do so before reading the rest of this post. It’ll make a lot more sense

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