Who are you people and where did you come from?!

by / Monday, 07 October 2013 / Published in Salon Marketing, Spa Marketing

I’ve been anxious about getting this blog going from the moment we started building out this site. I kept annoying the heck out of our Nerdy Web Developers wondering when I can finally type freely and not be bound to a “corporate” format. Well that time has finally arrived all of my non-existent readers!

So here we are. Let’s start answering the questions I know you don’t have but that I’ll preemptively answer anyways. Who are we? We’re a team of passionate marketers, web developers and business minded entrepreneurs that became highly interested in helping hair salon and spa owners become competitive in a new era of marketing. Why Salon Nerds? Well for one; a lot of the domain names were taken. Secondly, we think that the whole nerd thing is making a comeback with the increase of hipsters all over America, and maybe, just maybe we could finally be in the cool peoples club.

Truthfully, one of the folk on the team liked the idea of a group of people sitting around an office wearing over sized glasses and the rest of us obliged because we like the Nerds candy.

I guess the term Nerd implies that someone is knowledgeable, insightful, and socially inept. We meet the first two, but I’d like to think none of us here is socially awkward. Ultimately, we’ll let you be the judge. So why Hair Salons and Spa’s? We know this is a tough, referral driven industry that requires strong business acumen, social skills, and creativity. All which are things we like. Many of the stylists and salons that don’t succeed and leave the industry early generally don’t do so because they weren’t good at cutting hair. They typically have no problem retaining a customer once they’ve got one either. So what is it? It’s the process of actually getting new clientele and how to market themselves that they’re challenged with.

The first few years of being a hairstylist are by far the toughest. Being able to afford professional marketing services is costly and often not possible. There are resources available on the web, but they’re scattered and may not be the right solution for your particular situation. We spent some time snooping around the Internet for hair stylist specific marketing solutions and really didn’t find anything that stood out. Just some web providers that are busy battling out on who has the lowest price or the latest widget that you’ll probably never use.

This blog will serve several purposes.

1. To help hairstylists, salon owners, and spa owners get great ideas on how to grow their business.

2. To provide readers insight to our business, and it’s growth from the very beginning.

Feel free to contribute and to ask any questions!