1. First Call / Evaluation

After receiving your inquiry, one of our Salon Nerds Marketing reps will reach out to you to speak about your business. They'll want to learn things that you've done in the past, niche specialties that you offer, and the ideal customer you'd like to see more of. This is strictly an information gathering session and a chance to get to know one another.

2. Second Call / Game Plan

During the second phone call, we'll walk you through our hair salon and spa website marketing system. This demonstration will be tailored specifically for your hair salon or spa. We want you to see exactly how we will approach the build out of your website, and how it'll tie into current and future marketing applications. We'll also talk about social media, and any other online and/or offline marketing you plan on doing. If everything sounds good, we'll ask you for your business and we'll move onto the more fun stuff.

3. Development

Once we've gotten a green light, we'll begin to work on the initial build out of your website. Our Nerdy Web Developers will give you a checklist of items they'll need like photo's, logo's and etc. The goal is to have a first draft of your website ready between 5-7 business days. Once completed, they will reach back out to you and make any additional changes needed. We want to make sure you're super duper proud of your website and the way it looks.

4. Deploy

After reviewing the final draft, it's time to take your brand spanking amazing looking and awesome new hair salon or spa website live. Our Nerdy Web Developers will move the website onto your domain name and help launch it into Internet and in front of the masses.

5. Assess

Once a month, our Marketing Nerds will touch base with you to make sure everything is running silky smooth. Additionally they'll give you feedback on any noticeable changes in the website analytics and make sure to keep you posted on any major trends that are happening in your area. Once a customer, you can always call back to bounce marketing ideas off our Nerds for no extra charge.

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